Tuesday , June 18 2019

Feather earrings the new found love!!

yellow gold feather earrings GBSAPHT

Feathers symbolize many things like honor, truth, powers, speed and much more. Religiously they have some interpretation like in Christianity feather represents the presence of angels and sometimes as a stand of prayer and strict faith. People wearing feather jewellery give them a lot of positive vibes like it gives …

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Easily distracted by shiny fine jewelry

mark paul fine jewelry is the premiere fine jewelry store in long CEQMYVF

Jewelry has come become part and parcel of our life. It has become an integral part in every woman’s life. It enhances the beauty and appearance of every individual. Whatever is the occasion it is, wearing fine jewelry be it an earring, ring, necklaces, bangles, bracelets etc it evokes glamour …

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Make your look elegant with funky Jewellery

funky jewellery african clothing, tribal necklace, funky jewelry, modern necklace, edgy  necklace, ooak XVZBKOO

The funky jewelry gives you a smart look and makes a graceful personality. You can wear funky jewelry in your hand, neck, and finger. The funky jewelry is not much costly and easy to handle. There are lots of varieties of the funky jewelry which you can choose according to …

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Make your ear more attractive with Garnet Earring

garnet earrings bohemian garnet ornate dangle earrings 18k gold FEIYVFG

The garnet earrings are worn in the ear and only for woman use. Without an earring woman’s ear look ordinary then the garnet earring give stylish look to ear. The earring attached to the ear by piercing in the earlobe. There are various design and color of the garnet earring. …

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Make unique Look with Garnet Necklace

colore cushion cut garnet necklace in sterling silver ZQGPYBE

The necklace is usually worn in the neck this is made by costly metal. There are various extraordinary collections of necklaces you can choose according to your favorable color and design. The garnet necklace commonly available in red color. The red color of this necklace makes it unique and beautiful. …

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Trendy gemstone bracelets are like vitamins to fashion

gemstone bracelets blue agate stretch bracelet, gemstone bracelet with crystal quartz charm  pendant IDYPSRV

Bracelets are one of the fashionable and trendy accessories worn by most of us and rarely considered it as traditional jewelry. Bracelets can be worn for all types of attires like modern and traditional attires. Bracelets come in different patterns and design which can be matched well with all of …

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