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Bring your love charm wearing a heart charm

blooming heart charm OHRCZRW

Charm is nothing but a small jewelry piece worn on a neck or in a bracelet. Charms come in many designs like key, angel wings, star, cross, three wise monkeys, shamrock, anchor, acorn and one of the most liked charm is heart charm. Heart charm is a symbol of love, …

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Heart jewelry- Romantic or tacky?

twisted rope and crystals heart jewelry set (js1041) AVMFHJI

The heart symbolizes love, relationship, romance and hence heart jewelry are the best gift one can give their near and dear ones to show their love. Generally, heart jewelry are preferred by most of the women. Be it a heart pendant, heart earrings, heart bracelet, heart ring or anything it …

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Jazz up yourself with homemade jewelry

homemade jewelry clean jewelry KTLHFSR

In this world, there is nothing that is comparable to home and we all keep saying home sweet home, it is the same when it comes to homemade jewelry. Homemade jewelry are one of the trending jewelry these days which are available in all designs, color, shapes and sizes. Homemade …

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Life is ride enjoy the ride with horse jewelry

horse jewelry the classic horse equestrian jewelry collection® #eliteequestrian GIXLHYC

Horse jewelry customized for the horse lovers and for all age groups, which could be worn with casual attire. These are jewelers which is worn to create a spirit, camaraderie and as an object to show the equestrian lifestyle. These jewelers are nothing but have symbols of horses and generally …

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Be stylish in budget with imitation jewelry

imitation jewelry india XNPIIEB

Imitation jewelry is commonly known as artificial, costume, fake or funky jewelry. This type of jewelry is made of fake metal or duplicate materials of expensive metal which give equal shine and look to the jewelry. Imitation jewelry is founded at the of machine age or industrial revolution for the …

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Indian gold jewelry: Beauty in its own

indian gold jewelry indian jewellery and clothing: arnav jewelery YLNVVLD

Indian gold jewelry is made of precious gold metal of ornamental patterns, shape, and size. Indian gold jewelry is produced from 5000 years, starting from Indus Valley Civilisation to present day. Greek tourist to ancient India came across marvelous designs of Indian gold jewelry. the epics of the Mahabharata and …

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Go little Irish with Irish jewelry

grange irish jewelry - gold tone celtic spiral bangle GXPNCXU

Irish jewelry is basically from Irish itself and is commonly said as Irish Celtic jewelry. This kind of jewelry is made of Celtic symbols or knot designs. The knot designs are the most popular design which makes Irish Celtic jewelry quite a hit. The Celtic symbols or jewelry are made …

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Be fashion lover with jade jewelry

jade jewelry diamond,ring,with,jade,jewelry ring jade engagement anniversary bridesmaid  natural oval WEEOYXK

Jade is a popular gemstone that is well known for healing powers and energy feeling properties. It generally comes in green color which makes it one of the best healing stones. It cures the body of the wear and hence helpful for various heart, kidney and stomach related diseases. It …

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Get eye catching jewellery design

jewellery design designer gold earing with precious diamond work: delicate jewellery EQZQDWD

It is always exciting to purchase jewelry for any occasion be it a wedding, birthday parties or family get together parties. Jewelry can be purchased just like that as well without a need for any celebration. Many jewelry stores and designers have a full fledge catalog which gives you varied …

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Stylish look with jewelry beads

jewelry beads pandahall jewelry making tutorial video--how to bead a purple pearl lace RLDNSPK

There are many types of jewelry beads that are available in the market. These jewelry beads are available almost everywhere and they come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. This varied variety even puts an expert into a fix as to what to buy and how to buy. We have …

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